Friday, March 2, 2012

We Love Marvel :)

Hi Everyone!!!! I am so late! sheesh I had another appointment with my tattooist and barely got home..so here's my Friday Funny ..I love Rocks :) ..he just makes me smile :) and right now he is in the kitchen hoping a hamburger falls off the counter and into his mouth ..Not gonna happen puppy! we are serious about our hamburgers! :) but I'm sure he will get something..it is Friday after all :) ...The other day I took my darling husband with me to the quilt shop and remember when I told you that he likes looking at fabric and seeing what he wants..well this time he found something that his best bro will like (hopefully) hehe ..we found Marvel fabric and wow! love it! we all love Marvel ..can't wait for The Avengers!!!!!! anyways Tim asked me if I would make his brother a pillowcase (his brother's birthday was last month) it's our excuse LOL! ..and because I would do anything for my hubby I said sure :) ..so it's all done and ready for a mow-hawked 40 plus year old man's head to lay on ...I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! my nephew's 5Th birthday party is tomorrow and after that is over I will be sewing!!! whoo hoo! I hope to come back tomorrow and show you another block...I'M SO CLOSE!!!!! I could taste it!!!
Thank You!!!!! Come Again!!!!!

P.S I don't think any of my SIL's read my blog but if you do please don't tell Eric..Tim wants to give it to him as a surprise :)

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