Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sassy Time

Hi Everyone!!! I was so disappointed last night. We rushed home from Disneyland because of two things..one FOOTBALL of course :) and second because it was Sassy Studio Designs Chat last night and I posted last night and invited everyone to come join the chat. Well an hour later I'm like hey I didn't get an email saying I posted so I go and look and it posted to the wrong blog, so I immediately deleted it and sat there dejected, to top it all off when I was chatting with the ladies last night my computer just kept kicking me off the site..so very, very frustrating but I have a lot to look forward to this week..making cards and sewing..did I tell you all that I am making my nieces (5) and nephew there Christmas presents this year, none of them read my blog so I can say it :) ...boy O boy! this is the most expensive Christmas ever...fabric is so expensive!!! and I am making them a lot of things, I am not in panic mode YET ;) ..I have been steadily sewing every other day for the last month and I'm getting there...we have are Schneider Christmas on the 22ND of Dec so I will start showing you what I made after that... :)
OK to the cards..The second card was the sneak peak I had for last week of Sassy Frostina ..she's so darn cute..all of the cards are from my favorite challenge sketches
The first card is an old Sassy but she's so awesome too LOL!!!
and that last picture yep, that's my Pizza, Hot Dog and Evil Jester at Disneyland...We had a blast and I hope you all did too :) ...Please go VOTE!!!!!!!
See ya all tomorrow and thank god all these stupid t.v election adds will be gone by morning!!!!!
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!!


  1. Wow two cards in one post!!!! Both cards are great!!! I love the picture of the family, you are all so cute!!! I'm so glad you had a good time!! I voted!!

  2. Hi-Ya!!! Welcome back!!! Great cards Mandy!!! And I love the pic (hehe)